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Empowering African Tech Talent: Remoteli’s Purpose-Driven Approach to Remote Work and Growth

African digital talent business Remoteli, is a tech talent startup that connects people with remote workplace services. It is headquartered in Ghana. Jérémie Frimpong, a Ghanaian-Dutch professional football player for Bayern Leverkusen in the Bundesliga, led the company’s successful €292,468 pre-seed fundraising effort.

The recent pre-seed funding round, led by Ghanaian-Dutch professional footballer Jeremie Frimpong, exemplifies a trend where football stars are backing tech startups. In 2023, French football players also invested in StarNews Mobile, an African mobile video network. Frimpong’s involvement in Remoteli signifies a unique blend of sports and technology, emphasizing the startup’s potential to create meaningful change.

    How Remoteli connects African tech talents with remote workplace services

    • Remoteli identifies skilled tech professionals across Africa, including software developers, designers, data scientists, and more.
    • Through its platform, it connects these talents with organizations seeking remote workers for various projects and roles.
    • Organizations, both within Africa and globally, can tap into Remoteli’s talent pool.
    • They gain access to qualified individuals who can work remotely, contributing to their projects, development, and growth.
    • This financial boost enables Remoteli to scale its operations, enhance its platform, and reach more tech talents and employers. .
    • Frimpong’s involvement highlights the trend of football stars supporting tech startups. His investment underscores Remoteli’s potential impact and aligns with his belief in creating value beyond the football field.

    Samuel Brooksworth, the visionary founder and CEO of Remoteli Limited, places a profound emphasis on problem-solving as a core principle

    Brooksworth believes that businesses exist not only to generate profits but also to create meaningful impact. While financial success is essential, it becomes more fulfilling when it aligns with a higher purpose. By focusing on solving real-world problems, startups like Remoteli can contribute positively to society. Brooksworth’s philosophy resonates with the idea that profit matters, but purpose matters more.

      In the tech industry, there’s often a rush to build products or services solely for profit he said, however, Brooksworth recognizes that true innovation lies in addressing genuine pain points faced by people. Problem-solving fosters long-term sustainability. Businesses that focus solely on financial gains may experience short-lived success, but those rooted in solving real problems tend to thrive over time.

        Remoteli’s commitment to empowering 1 million people by 2030 reflects this long-term vision. It’s not just about immediate gains; it’s about building a lasting legacy. Brooksworth’s philosophy extends beyond Remoteli. Initiatives like the Pathways project, which guides former footballers toward alternative careers, demonstrate a holistic approach. By empowering individuals, Remoteli contributes to economic growth, skill development, and community well-being. This impact goes beyond financial transactions.

        In 2023, French football players—Aurelien TchouameniJules Kounde, and Mike Maignan—participated in a $3 million funding round for StarNews Mobile. StarNews Mobile is an African mobile video network, emphasizing localized content and connectivity. This parallel highlights a broader movement where football stars leverage their influence to support innovative ventures.

        Remoteli aligns with Rwanda’s development goals, as outlined in the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2022-2026 by the African Development Bank Group. This CSP emphasizes structural transformation, in line with Rwanda’s National Strategy for Transformation (NST-1) and the vision for 2050. Remoteli’s approach likely leverages these national priorities to foster growth and impact 

        Remoteli is a startup company that focuses on organic growth and has few funding attempts. The company connects businesses with qualified IT workers through technologies driven by AI.

        By connecting them with skilled African individuals, it is also creating a suite of tools and resources that will empower multinational corporations. They include time monitoring and invoicing programmes, as well as communication channels and tools for project management that may be tailored to the needs of any company.

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