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Afrilearn Launches Learn-and-Earn App, Pioneering Educational Innovation in Nigeria

Afrilearn, a leading Nigerian educational technology business, has released a ground-breaking learn-and-earn application that aims to increase student access to, engagement with, and enjoyment from their studies. This creative strategy offers a whole range of curriculum-aligned instructional tools in an effort to address the ongoing problem of high-quality education in Nigeria.

Afrilearn provides a wide range of educational resources, such as curriculum-based lecture notes, animated video courses, real-time homework help, game-based test preparation, and customized learning dashboards. With this multimodal approach, students in elementary and secondary education can learn whenever and wherever they choose, at their own pace.

Afrilearn’s Gamified Approach Transforms Learning Beyond the Classroom

“Every child has greatness within them if given the right learning style,” said Isaac Oladipupo, co-founder and CEO of Afrilearn, emphasizing the company’s aim. Our mission at Afrilearn is to support Nigerian youngsters in competing internationally and getting ready for success in life. Afrilearn transcends the classroom by transforming education into an engaging experience. Students are motivated to compete with one another, accrue points, and even win cash, all of which improve learning outcomes.

As the co-founder and head of content of Afrilearn, Gabriel Olatunji-Legend emphasized, “By integrating gamification, we inspire students to achieve greater heights and develop a lifelong love for learning.” In addition to making studying enjoyable, this gamified method encourages students to be competitive and to always strive for progress

Afrilearn’s inventive contributions to education have won recognition on a global scale, such as the African Union’s designation of Afrilearn as the Top Education Innovation in Africa and the US Chamber of Commerce’s Digital Innovation of the Year award. Afrilearn, which is endorsed by UNICEF for its innovative methodology and includes a wide range of courses from the arts to the sciences, is changing the educational experiences of thousands of children across the country.

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