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Tech News & Podcast | Africa

Passionate about driving technological innovation across Africa.

We provide you with the most comprehensive and carefully selected news from the tech sector, giving you a reliable executive rundown of the news as it happens. You can get a lot of the news on our podcast in audio format, which makes it even easier to take in—especially while you’re multitasking. Ishaq Abubakar hosts the show and fervently shares the important details from the tech articles.

African Tech Titans

Tune in every week to get empowered and inspired as we bring you some interesting conversations with Africa’s very best across all industries.

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    Leading Africa’s Tech Growth Discussions

    Here’s How We’re Championing Tech Developments In Africa.

    • EMPOWERMENT. We strive to empower the African tech community and drive innovation & growth in the continent’s tech sector.
    • COLLABORATION. We foster collaboration and learning among the tech community through events, workshops, hackathons.
    • EDUCATION. We provide information, inspiration, and opportunities for African tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs.
    • OPPORTUNITY. We connect African tech talent with local and global opportunities, such as internships, jobs, mentorship’s, and funding.