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Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 2024: A Partnership Programme for African Students

Google DeepMind donation fund 2024 is open for 40 scholars per year for the four years starting September 2023. The funding covers full scholarships, equipment and computation costs for students. Our scholars are Google DeepMind scholars, and have opportunities to connect with Google DeepMind’s researchers and engineers for mentoring and support.

Fostering Inclusivity Google DeepMind AI Scholarships 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), representation matters. The quest for a more inclusive AI community isn’t just about fairness; it’s about unlocking the full potential of this transformative technology. At Google DeepMind, we recognize that diversity fuels innovation, enriches perspectives, and ensures that AI benefits everyone.

Why Representation Matters in AI

AI systems shape our lives—from personalized recommendations to medical diagnoses—and their impact is far-reaching. When AI development lacks diverse voices, it risks perpetuating biases, overlooking critical use cases, and failing to address the needs of marginalized communities. By increasing representation, we open doors to fresh ideas, cultural insights, and ethical considerations that can lead to more robust, fair, and responsible AI.

Thanks to a collaboration with Google DeepMind, AIMS South Africa offers a Master of Mathematical Science programme that includes a stream called AI for Science. The programme is at the fascinating nexus of science and artificial intelligence. In September 2023, this fascinating programme opened for enrollment for the first time. A research component is included in this fully residential, one-year master’s programme. Students from all around Africa who have a strong interest in mathematics, AI, and machine learning are welcome to apply. We are seeking students who have awestruck looks at the stars and their surroundings and who wish to use their gifts to further scientific research.


  • Applications are open to students from across Africa who are passionate about mathematics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • We are looking for students who gaze at the stars and the world around them in wonder, and who want to use their talents to accelerate scientific discovery.
  • The initial focus areas of the program is AI and machine learning in cosmology, epidemiology and ecology.

Importance of Google DeepMind AI Scholarships

The goal of the scholarships is to guarantee that the recipients get full financial aid, which includes living expenses, tuition, and a grant for attending an academic conference and purchasing required supplies. Financial support is typically provided to scholars beginning the year they enrol in their course and continuing throughout their studies. DeepMind scholarships supplement existing graduate financing provided by the institution or department in certain instances, thereby bolstering the educational experience and enabling the scholar to devote more time to their studies.

Key Features of the Scholarships

  • Financial Support: We understand that pursuing higher education can be financially challenging. Our scholarships alleviate this burden by providing financial assistance to students pursuing graduate courses related to AI. Whether it’s tuition fees, research expenses, or living costs, we’ve got you covered.
  • Mentorship: Scholars gain access to seasoned mentors from DeepMind. These mentors offer guidance, share industry insights, and help scholars navigate their academic and professional journeys. Our goal is to foster meaningful connections that extend beyond the scholarship period.
  • Conference Participation: We believe in learning from the best. Scholarship recipients have the opportunity to attend leading AI conferences, where they can network with experts, present their research, and immerse themselves in the latest advancements. Conferences serve as hubs for collaboration, inspiration, and knowledge exchange.
  • DeepMind Events: Scholars are invited to exclusive DeepMind events, where they engage with researchers, engineers, and thought leaders. These gatherings provide a glimpse into cutting-edge AI projects, ignite curiosity, and encourage interdisciplinary discussions.

How to Apply

Participating universities directly give applicants scholarships for certain AI-related courses. When these chances arise, universities release information about upcoming DeepMind scholarships.

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