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Apple is reportedly developing a new home pod with a larger LCD screen

 Apple’s product line includes iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, and many more. Two years after discontinuing the original edition of its full-size smart speaker, Apple unveiled the second generation of HomePod this year. Rumours have since surfaced suggesting Apple is working on multiple HomePod models, some of which may include an LCD. Now that images of one of these prototypes have appeared online, we can verify that these images are of an actual model.

Apple’s HomePod prototype with LCD

Interesting enough, there’s a big LCD sensor at the top with a considerably greater surface than the current HomePod panel. This was revealed in photos of parts from an unreleased HomePod posted by Apple prototype collector Kosutami. Subsequently, Kosutami released a picture of a HomePod prototype with an LCD screen that was fully operational.

Though Kosutami claims that the design of the leaked HomePods is more akin to the second generation than the discontinued first generation, the photographs are nonetheless highly intriguing.

Apple is actively working on this prototype, known as the B720, which indicates that this is a new product and not something the corporation has tried out in the past.

The B720 is an advanced-stage prototype, indicating that Apple intends to release this HomePod soon, even if the company hasn’t decided when (or if) it will ever be released.

App developers are updating tvOS apps to support the latest screen mode

Apple has started redesigning certain tvOS apps to take advantage of the new HomePod display. This is necessary since HomePod runs on an unofficial, modified version of tvOS.
tvOS 17 code hints indicate that the first apps to be redesigned for new display format support are Apple Music and Apple Podcasts.
Engineers use an internal programme called LcdUTest to test the new display; Kosutami’s image shows it

New features and interfaces could be added to displays.

Although the interface’s design is still unknown, it has discovered that when a podcast or song is playing, the HomePod display will display a blurred animation that is based on the colours of the album art. Additionally, there are indications that it may display certain significant notifications, possibly in order to return messages and take phone calls.

When Apple decides to update the HomePod, this prototype might be abandoned at any point. However, it does appear to have the potential to be the next iteration of the device.

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