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Google set to implement new policy for inactive accounts

Google has modified its policy about inactive accounts. On Tuesday, the company said on its blog that it will begin deleting Google accounts that have not been used for two years, beginning in December 2023. If users do not log in before the specified time, their accounts, along with any related personal information and data, may be deleted. These consist of backups of Google Photos, Drive, Docs, Calendar events, and other Workspace data in addition to Gmail communications.

As the company intends to send out multiple warning letters to account holders and any backup emails that are on file, this deadline will offer customers plenty of opportunity to get in good standing with Google and save their accounts. Google has disclosed that it intends to implement a phased approach for account deletion, with an initial emphasis on “accounts that were created and never used again.

All essential Workspace (previously G Suite) services associated with a deleted Google account will also be permanently lost. That implies that everything you have, including all of your emails, files on Drive, photos, documents, and Keep notes, will be erased.

Account owners will get many warning letters before to the official account termination process commencing in December 2023. Google plans to implement the account deletion procedure gradually, beginning with accounts that were made but never used.

The Impact of Google’s New Policies on User Experience

Google has recently announced new policies that will take effect next month, which will impact user experience on Google accounts. The new policies are designed to improve security and privacy for users, but they may also have some unintended consequences.

What Are the New Policies?

Only individual Google Accounts are covered by the policy; accounts belonging to companies or educational institutions are not. With this upgrade, Google will no longer keep your personal information for longer than necessary, and we also align our policy with industry norms for retention and account closure.

How Will the New Policies Affect User Experience?

The new policies may cause some users to experience inconvenience and frustration. Users who fail to update their account information may find that their accounts have been deleted, which could result in the loss of important data and information.

However, the new policies are also designed to improve security and privacy for users. By requiring users to verify their identity, Google is making it more difficult for cybercriminals to gain access to user accounts and steal personal information.

How to keep your account active from getting deleted

Google will send several notifications to your Gmail inbox months in advance if your account is about to be removed. Additionally, as a precautionary measure, the same alert will land in the inbox of an additional account that has been designated as the recovery email address.

Thankfully, Google’s definition of “activity” is somewhat loose. To verify the activity, just open your Gmail inbox and read one email. As an alternative, users may just use the Google account sign-in option for any third-party service, watch a YouTube video, download an app from the Play Store, open their associated Google Drive account, or conduct a Google search.

All you have to do is make sure that you are using the at-risk Google account in that particular app or web browser, regardless of the job you complete. As evidence of user activity, any active subscription using the Google account will also be accepted.

Following these guidelines can help in determining if an account is active:

  • A current or ongoing Google service, subscription, app, or product was purchased using your Google Account.
    • There’s a gift card in your Google Account that has money on it.
    • A published application or game with active, ongoing subscriptions or associated active financial transactions is owned by your Google Account. A Google Account that has an app on the Google Play store may be the source of this.

          What Can Users Do?

          To avoid having their accounts deleted, users should update their account information and verify their identity as soon as possible. This will help ensure that their accounts remain secure and that they do not experience any inconvenience or frustration.

          Users can also take steps to protect their data and privacy by using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious about sharing personal information online.

          In conclusion, while Google’s new policies may cause some inconvenience for users, they are designed to improve security and privacy for everyone. By taking steps to update their account information and protect their data, users can ensure that they have a positive experience on Google accounts.

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