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MailChimp review: New Features include e-commerce automation and more

Marketing automation platform MailChimp, has released over 150 new and improved capabilities to help users spend less time on repetitive chores and increase e-commerce growth more quickly and easily. Mailchimp is an accessible, easy-to-use Email Marketing Service (EMS) designed to help marketers achieve their goals as painlessly as possible.

Increased e-commerce automation possibilities, advanced segmentation, enhanced reporting and analytics, customer journeys, SMS marketing, improved support choices, and more are among the new features. Most of the new features will be accessible everywhere.

MailChimp is beginning to use AI more extensively in order to satisfy client demands. Based on the results of this survey, up to 88% of marketers think that in order for their company to succeed, automation and artificial intelligence must be used more frequently. In response to the survey’s findings, MailChimp increased its focus on automation and artificial intelligence (AI) tools to assist marketers in launching a new era of marketing.

One of MailChimp’s noteworthy new features is an Audience Analytics and Email Analytics Dashboard, which helps users measure performance more effectively. They can create custom reports with key performance indicators, compare metrics over time, and filter data according to audience, campaign, and time. Users now have a more comprehensive picture of their marketing efforts thanks to enhancements made to its Content Manager.

Mailchimp to reach More Customers with SMS Marketing

US MailChimp users will soon have access to SMS marketing in beta. They can align their marketing plans by utilising it in conjunction with other marketing channels, such as email. MailChimp users may achieve better outcomes by combining the new and improved automation features with data-driven insights, according to the business.

Additionally, to help customers create compelling content in a fraction of the time required previously, MailChimp unveiled 75 new email templates and an AI-powered Email Content Generator (available in beta).
There are now 24 additional e-commerce automation starting points available to customers, 12 of which are specific to Shopify. The main goals of these features are to boost website traffic, nurture leads, and encourage return visits. Users may work from one location to expand their e-commerce business across many channels with Customer Journey Builder and Pre-built Journeys.

MailChimp has enhanced its Standard plan, adding tools that were previously exclusive to Premium customers, like Multivariate Testing, Advanced Segmentation, and Comparative Reporting. Personalised business recommendations and improved customer support will now be included in its most popular plan.

Get More Personalized Support

Every Mailchimp paid plan now includes access to a team of specialists who are ready to help customers onboard, troubleshoot, and provide strategic guidance. 80% of marketers believe access to specialists to help onboard and make the most of their platform investment is valuable/very valuable when selecting a marketing automation platform, and Mailchimp specialists are here to support marketers at every step of their journey. Onboarding specialists will help Mailchimp customers set up automations, audience segmentation, and email designs so that they can get their first campaign out quickly and make the most of their investment.

Spend Less Time Creating Emails and Measuring Performance

  • Easily measure performance, report on ROI, and identify trends with a new Email Analytics and Audience Analytics Dashboard. Go a step further by building your own Custom Reports with the metrics that matter most to view and compare previous e-commerce and campaign metrics and filter the report by a specific time frame, audience, campaign, and more.
  • Design and create quality content with ease with over 75 new email templates (with that number growing to be over 100 soon), Dynamic Product Recommendation FeedsOrder Notifications, and promo codes block for e-commerce stores.
  • Leverage generative AI-powered tools that help marketers create engaging content quickly and easily with Email Content Generator.
  • Get a holistic view of marketing campaigns with new updates to Campaign Manager, a single source of truth for marketers. Now with new A/B and Multivariate Testing and social posting for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Mailchimp customers will be able to make better and more informed marketing decisions across all of their marketing channels in a calendar view.

Accelerate E-commerce Growth

  • Create e-commerce automations with 24 new starting points that will help Mailchimp customers drive more e-commerce and multichannel growth with Customer Journey Builder and Pre-built Journeys. These include the ability to connect webhooks and send an SMS message from third-party apps via webhooks to drive new customer growth and manage their audiences better.
  • Out of those 24 new starting points, Mailchimp customers can leverage 12 new Shopify starting points available in Customer Journey Builder and Pre-Built Journeys based on real-time shopping activity once users have synced with Shopify’s Customer Events data. These enhanced triggers will help Shopify merchants nurture leads, increase their website traffic, re-engage customers and drive repeat purchases in one place.
  • Engage with customers at scale with expanded options for segmenting customers, with enhanced Contact Profiles, Pre-Built Segments, an E-commerce Segment Builder, and the ability to exclude certain segments from a marketing campaign send.
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