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Kumasi Hive

About Us

What we do

Kumasi Hive exists to support entrepreneurs and innovators of all types, particularly to encourage social impact businesses to develop innovative physical products and processing methods. Also, we provide access to the local entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem including access to government, relevant industry players, start-up/businesses, CSOs, and other stakeholders.

The Hive focuses on bridging the existing Digital and tech skills gap in the African digital entrepreneurship ecosystem and seeks to address it through integrated innovation. As the world enters into the 4th Industry age, there is a shift from traditional jobs to digital and tech skills-based jobs, Kumasi Hive is therefore committed to helping build the future work with skills in emerging technologies and create jobs and solution through accelerated adoption of these emerging technologies

We incubate selected promising hardware tech startups through our Hardware incubator and maker space, helping them move from the idea stage through prototyping to the product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

Our Courses

Code School

Get introduced to the latest mobile and web technologies for development. Enhance your coding skills in our coding school program, learn a software skill and become a developer.

Internet of Things

Be part of the wonderful world of Internet of Things. Want to learn how to control your home gadgets from your smartphone? Get started with this frontier technology.

Drones & UAVs

Drones today have become a popular in agriculture, oil & gas and a host of others because of their many benefits. Ever wondered what it takes to build a drone for useful applications. This is your runaway to take off to the skies.

3D Printing / 3D Modeling

Learn how to quickly how to prototype your hardware ideas with 3D representation of any surface or object by manipulating polygons, edges, and vertices in simulated 3D space.

Hardware Garage

We offer a wide variety of programs on hardware from 3D Modeling & 3D Printing, Electronics among others. Take a step today be part of our garage.

Augmented Reality

Interested in building a simulation of a real environment or an imagined one for a game or interactive story? Join our academy to invoke your creativity and advance the hidden finesse of reality.


We think of Robotics as the science of building devices that physically interact with their environment. Get introduced to this exciting world and learn how to build, program and control your own robots for various applications.

Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to build your own intelligent machine(s) and software? Enroll now to explore what the world of artificial intelligence has in store for you.


Hive Incubator

Here is Kumasi Hive’s Innovations Hub for nurturing and accelerating startups.

Starting up a new business can be incredibly difficult. After all, it takes a lot more than a great idea and a pocket full of dreams to disrupt set markets and generate success.

We offer a range of support services and funding opportunities for startups designed to provide the best of both worlds for your startup as well as your investors.

How do I Know It’s Right for Me?

  • Finding an appropriate incubator/accelerator can drive innovation over time and keep startups one step ahead of competition.
  • We are geared toward speeding up the growth and success of your startup at its early stages and giving you a good path to capital from investors.

Hive Hardware Incubator

The Hive incubator incubates selected promising hardware ideas and startups, helping them move from idea stage through prototyping to product-for-market stage with both technical and business development support.

The Ye! Boost Program

The Ye ! Anchor program is an acceleration program aimed at supporting young Ghanaian export-ready enterprises to internationalize.

Hive Business Accelerator

Our business accelerator program focus on non-hardware startups program, provides complete startup support services for early stage startups to help achieve growth, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic growth of Africa.


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