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How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S series is a popular phone series launched every year. The phones launched in this series are high-end phones that provide the finest performance and user experience.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 Series this year, comprising the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the highest-end model in the series, while the Galaxy S23 is the entry-level model.

This post will be useful if you recently purchased a Galaxy S23 or S23 Ultra and are looking for other methods for taking screenshots.

How to Take Screenshot on Samsung S23, S23+, S23 Ultra

With our simple instructions, you can find out how to take a screenshot on your Samsung S23, or S23 Ultra. We can help you whether you want to record a hilarious meme or store crucial data. To snap a screenshot on your Samsung mobile right now, just follow these easy instructions.

Using the Volume and Power Buttons
The power and volume keys on your Galaxy S23 or S23 Ultra can be used to snap a screenshot, just as on any other Android smartphone. This is how:

Approach the screen you wish to take a picture of.
Press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously now.
This will take a snapshot of the screen that you are currently viewing.

Using Palm Swipe Gesture 

Palm swipe gesture is a unique capability found on Samsung phones. You can snap a snapshot by swiping the edge of your palm with this feature. The instructions below can be used to utilise this function to snap a screenshot on your S23 or S23 Ultra:

  • To access the Settings on your phone, swipe down from the top of the screen and then tap the Settings symbol.
  • Here, tap on the Advanced Features option.
  • In Advanced Features, tap on Motions and gestures.
  • Here, turn on the toggle for Palm Swipe to Capture.
  • Proceed to the screen you wish to take a picture of.
    Move the edge of your hand from right to left, or vice versa, on your screen.

Using Google Assistant 

You can also use the Google Assistant command to take the screenshot on your Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra. Follow the steps given below to do so-

  • Head to the screen of which you want to take a screenshot.
  • Say Hi Google to activate Google Voice Assistant.
  • When the Voice Assistant opens up, say Take a Screenshot
  • For this, Google Voice Assistant must be turned on. If it is not turned on, then you can enable it by following the steps given below-
  • Open the app drawer on your phone, and tap the Google app icon to open it. 

Now, tap on the profile icon at the top right corner and then on Settings. In the Settings menu, tap on the Google Assistant option.  Next, tap on Hey Google & Voice Match.  Now, turn on the toggle for Hey Google and train the voice model. 

Using Bixby

You might know of Bixby if you have used a Samsung phone or tablet. For those who don’t know what it is, Bixby is the personal assistant for Samsung devices that can come in handy for performing tasks like Bixby Routines, calling, texting, setting alarms, and even taking a screenshot. Here’s how you can take the screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Ultra using Bixby-

  • Be on the screen which you want to capture. 
  • Now, say  Hi Bixby
  • When the Bixby prompts open up, say Take A Screenshot or Capture A Screenshot. 
  • This will take a screenshot on your phone, which will be saved to your gallery. 

If Bixby voice assistant is not turned on, you won’t be able to use it to take screenshots. You can turn on Bixby voice assistant by following the steps given below-

  • Tap on the Settings icon on your phone. 
How To Take Screenshot On S23 And S23 Ultra?
  • Tap on the search bar, type Bixby Settings, and open it. 
Bixby Settings
  • Now, tap on Voice Wake-Up
Voice Wake Up
  • Turn on the toggle for Voice Wake-up.
Turn On Voice Wake Up
  • Now, turn on the toggle for Respond to my voice
Respond To My Voice
  • Next, tap on the Start button. 
  • Now, train the voice model of Bixby, and you will be good to go

Using S Pen (Only On S23 Ultra)

If you have Galaxy S23 Ultra, you can use the S Pen to take screenshots. The S Pen with Samsung S23 Ultra can be used for writing notes, and you can set gestures on it to access certain features quickly. To take the screenshot on Samsung S23 Ultra using S Pen, follow the steps given below-

  • Take out the S Pen from your phone, and bring the tip of the S Pen closer to the screen; do not touch the screen with the S Pen. This will open the Air Command menu on your phone. You can either touch the Air Command menu icon to open it. 
  • Now, tap on the Smart Select icon with your S Pen. 
  • Select the area of the screen you want to capture and then tap on Done to save the screenshot. 

Another way to capture the screenshot using S Pen is through gestures. To do so, follow the steps given below-

  • Take out the S Pen from your phone, and head to the screen you want to capture. 
  • Hold the button on the S Pen and make a zig-zag air gesture while holding the button. 
  • This will capture your screen; you can write on the screenshot you have captured and then save it. 

All of these methods were available for taking screenshots on the Samsung S23 and S23 Ultra. You can use the aforementioned techniques to take screenshots with your Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Ultra.

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