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Elevate Your Designs: Discover 5 Premium Mockup Websites for African Designers

website mockup is a model or prototype of the finished website design. It visually represents how the website will look or function before actual development. Mockups typically showcase the layout, structure, and design elements of a website’s pages, including the header, navigation menu, content area, sidebar, footer, typography, colors, and other user interface components.

    Why Use a Website Mockup?

    • Time-Saver: Mockups help save time on iterations and feedback by visualizing the design early in the process.
    • Usability Testing: They allow testing of the website’s usability, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
    • Improved Communication: Having a shared visual reference enhances communication among team members.
    • Refinement: Mockups can be iterated upon based on feedback and refined before actual development.

    Seven high-quality websites for African Developers in 2024

    Artboard Studio

    Artboard Studio is a versatile visual content creation tool that empowers designers to craft stunning mockups, graphics, animations, and videos. . If you believe in bold art directions and want to differentiate your brand from commonplaces, this is your iconic era.

    Pricing and Key Features

    Free Plan

      • Mockup Items and Templates: Access a variety of free mockup items and templates.
      • Projects: Create up to three projects, generate public links, and share them.
      • Export: Export images and videos at a maximum width of 720px.
      • License: For personal, hobby, and educational purposes.
      • Mockup Forever Pack ($99 one-time payment):
      • Unlimited Projects: Create as many projects as you need, share public links, and collaborate with others.
      • High-Resolution Export: Export images at the original artboard size or choose 2X option (PNG, JPEG).
      • Figma Plugin Access: Install the Artboard Studio Mockups plugin directly in Figma.
      • Smart Object Feature: Use smart objects, transformation, and warping tools for realistic mockups.
      • Commercial License: Utilize your designs for promotion, sales, or digital/physical products/services.
      • Annual Subscription Professional Plan ($25/member/month):
      • Includes everything from the Mockup Forever Pack.
      • Animation/Video: Create motion graphics with an advanced timeline editor, export up to 8K.
      • Auto-Layout: Automatically reposition design elements for different ratios.
      • Creative Automation: Generate thousands of variations from a single master design.
      • Branding Components: Save and organize brand guidelines.
      • Team Collaboration: Collaborate within team folders.
      • AI Generators: Create images from prompts, generate text, and remove backgrounds.

        Anthonyboyd Mockup 

        Anthony Boyd Graphics provides a collection of free mockups that you can use for personal and commercial purposes. These mockups are designed to be easily edited using Smart Objects in PhotoshopWhether you need mockups for posters, boxes, smartphones, laptops, tablets, logos, or business cards, Anthony Boyd Graphics has you covered.

        Pricing and Key Features

        iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Pack

        If you’re specifically interested in iPhone mockups, Anthony Boyd Graphics offers an iPhone 11 Pro Mockup Pack. Here are the specifications:

        • Scenes Included: 14
        • Background: Removable
        • Resolution: 5000 x 3750 Pixels
        • DPI: 300
        • Editable Smart Objects
        • Clay Version Included

        Behance Portfolio:

        • Anthony Boyd also showcases his work on Behance, where you can find various mockup designs and creative projects

            Supply Family

            Supply.Family is a curated marketplace for creatives, offering a wide range of design assets including mockups, fonts, graphics, and templates

            Key Features and Pricing


              • High-Quality Mockup Templates: Present your designs on meticulously crafted mockups. Supply.Family offers mockups in various categories, including tech, print, outdoor, and more.

              Some popular mockup options include:

              • Macbook Pro MT08 Mockup: Perfect for showcasing your digital designs on a MacBook Pro. Priced at $19.00.
              • iPhone MT01 Mockup: Display your mobile app or website designs on an iPhone mockup. Also priced at $19.00.
              • MacBook Pro 03 Standard Mockup: Ideal for visualizing your work on a MacBook Pro. Available for $19.00.


              Graphics and Templates


     is a fantastic resource for designers, offering a vast library of high-quality 3D illustrations and mockups

              Pricing and Key Features

              Pro Access Subscription:

              • Price$23.00 per month, billed quarterly.


              • Unlimited Downloads: Access to over 1200+ illustrations and mockups.
              • Regular Releases and Updates: Stay up-to-date with fresh assets.
              • Mockup-Online Access: Conveniently use mockups directly online.
              • Figma Plugin Access: Seamlessly integrate with Figma.
              • Commercial License: Use the assets in your commercial projects.

              Team Plan Subscription:

              • Price$30.00 per month, billed quarterly.


              • Includes all features from the Individual plan.
              • Designed for agencies, startups, and corporations.
              • Allows multiple users per account.

              Why You Need

              • Save Time: No more searching on Google; focus on your projects.
              • High-Quality Assets: Access premium 3D illustrations and mockups.
              • Constantly Growing Library: Stay ahead with fresh content.

              Illustration Categories:

              • Characters: 3D avatars, emoji illustrations, and more.
              • Space: Futuristic 3D scenes.
              • Abstract: Inflatable abstract shapes, holographic backgrounds, and loops.
              • Mockups: Business cards, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and more.
              • Themes: Glass, vehicles, real estate, and retro.
              • ChartsPharmacySecurity, and more.

              Online Tools:

              • Figma Plugin: Access over 1200 illustrations and mockups directly within Figma.
              • Mockup Online: Use stylish mockups right in your browser without any software installation.

                LS Graphics

                LS Graphics offers a variety of design tools and assets, primarily focusing on providing high-quality mockups and UI/UX tools for designers.

                Pricing and Key Features

                Free Mockups:

                  Premium Offerings:

                  Boards Mockups: Create stunning presentations with these mockups for $59.

                  iMac 24 Inch Mockups: Unleash creativity with realistic iMac 24 Inch mockups for $39.

                  iPhone 15 Pro Mockups: High-quality and realistic iPhone 15 Pro mockups for $49.

                  MacBook Air Mockups: Stunningly realistic and stylish MacBook Air mockups for $49.

                  Nothing Phone Mockups: Beautiful mockups in an awesome environment for $49.

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