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Nkwa is a mobile app that assists young adult sub-Saharan Africans to control unwanted spending and save money instead, towards financial goals that matter, like paying up bills or creating wealth.


Koree is a digital wallet application that addresses Sub-Saharan Francophone Africa spare change scarcity by digitizing cash merchant payments, while simultaneously empowering African consumers through an incentive reward system.

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Quick Docta

QUICKDOCTA is your gateway to hassle-free healthcare in Africa. Find doctors, book appointments 24/7, access pharmacies, and schedule tests. Simplifying health access for a better future.


The Katika Wallet is a non-custodial mobile application designed to allow users to securely store, send, and receive different types of cryptocurrencies. The wallet integrates multiple blockchains and offers the ability to manage different types of digital assets, including gaming assets using cryptocurrency and NFT technology.

Comparo Shop

Comparoshop is a SaaS toolbox that enables web merchants to create their online store in 5 minutes, automate product catalog management with AI, improve the customer experience with multi-channel chatbots, and optimize their marketing campaigns with targeting.


Join the Futa revolution! We’re not just another payment app – we’re a movement for financial inclusion and progress. Follow us for insights into our innovative cross-operator payment technology, offline methodology, and our commitment to social impact.
Together, let’s shape a future where every African has access to financial freedom! Begin to Pay Different today: Cheaper and Faster.


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