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Where to get the coolest backgrounds for your projects.

How do I create my own background? Below are some backgrounds you can visit and search for thousands of featured background templates, or you can start your project from a blank canvas

Cool Backgrounds

After laboring over your latest piece of writing, one of the hardest steps before hitting publish is finding an exciting background image to really showcase and draw attention to your post.

Cool Backgrounds is a collection of tools to create compelling, colourful images for blogs, social media, and websites. Beyond backgrounds, the images generated can be used as 🖥 desktop wallpapers or cropped for 📱 mobile wallpapers.


Using Venngage as a background generator has the added benefit of letting you see, in real time, what your background images or pattern will look like when they’re applied to an actual design—whether it’s a presentation, infographic or flyer.

free Venngage account allows you to access our hundreds of free templates that are already populated with background images suitable for them.

You can make use of those already made background images, or create a new one.

Choose from Venngage’s collection of 3+ million stock images or upload your own, change their opacity, scale things up or down, add patterns and gradients, change colours and more.


Haikei is a free web app that lets users create unique shapes, patterns and backgrounds they can use to personalize their smartphone, tablet or computer or use in concert with other design tools to add personality to their creations.

More than a dozen basic background shapes are available, but users can customize everything from the size and aspect ratio (making it perfect for creating cool device wallpapers) to the alignment of elements, colors, visual noise and more, depending on the background you start out with.

Making adjustments is simple and easy with sliders and toggles, though the preset templates may feel limiting for those accustomed to using open-world tools. Still, I managed to create and download six custom backgrounds in about three minutes.


If you’re looking for breathtaking imagery to add as a background to your website, make sure to peruse Unsplash’s mesmerizing selection of imagery.

From soaring mountaintops to cosmic night skies and close-up shots of beautiful flowers, Unsplash’s array of imagery spans every category you can think of.

These images are completely free to use, but a link back to the original photographer can help them gain exposure, even though it’s not a necessity.

Web Gradients

Web Gradients provides a fantastic selection of gradient blends for you to choose from. If you’d like to view multiple gradients at once, this tool is fantastic because you can view many gradients together.

Isotope Backgrounds

Isotope Backgrounds is an amazing resource of more than 100 amazing website backgrounds. If you design websites and would like to add cool backgrounds to them, then I’d definitely recommend taking a look at this resource. There are also lots of animated options, with over 30 super cool particle backgrounds which would add a serene and engaging backdrop to any site.

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