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Using Instagram’s new gen-AI background editor to create stunning images.

Instagram has released its most recent feature, Backdrop, a generative AI-powered background modification tool. The functionality is expected to provide platform users with an unprecedented degree of inventiveness.

Gen-AI is a term that refers to generative artificial intelligence, which is a branch of AI that can create new content from scratch, such as images, text, music, or video. Gen-AI can also modify existing content, such as changing the background of a photo, by using deep learning models that learn from large datasets of examples.

Instagram’s gen-AI powered background editing tool allows users to customize their photos with different backgrounds that match their style and mood. Users can either choose from a gallery of pre-made backgrounds, or generate their own by describing what they want in a few words. The tool then uses gen-AI to create a realistic and unique background that blends seamlessly with the foreground.

This feature is similar to some other online tools that use gen-AI to generate backgrounds, such as PicsartPhotoRoomCapCut, and These tools also let users create stunning visuals with AI-generated backgrounds, but have different options and quality levels.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, the lead for generative AI at Meta, stated in a Thread that the application will enable users to alter the backdrop of their photos using prompts for Stories.

Users will see prompts like “On a red carpet,” “Being chased by dinosaurs,” and “Surrounded by puppies” when they hit the backdrop editor icon on an image. For the purpose of changing the background, users can also write their own prompts.

Others will see a “Try it” sticker with the invitation to experiment with the image production tool once a user shares a Story using the freshly created background.

Additionally, Instagram included a tool called “video notes” that allows users to post two-second videos as notes.

Recently, Snapchat began offering a comparable AI feature to its premium users. With Snapchat’s new AI capability, users can produce and share images created by AI.

With support for Bing search and an improved context window, Meta released its 28 AI-powered characters earlier this month to users in the United States across all of its apps, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Simultaneously, the company introduced Imagine with Meta, a stand-alone AI image generator that utilised Emu, one of its own models.

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