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Navigating the AI Frontier: Unveiling the Top AI Tools You Must Embrace in 2024

AI is effectively becoming a strategic necessity in our quickly changing technology environment, not an extravagance. These innovative AI technologies are your road map to success, regardless of your level of experience or desire to be an innovator. Due to AI’s ability to streamline tasks, increase productivity, and improve client and customer happiness, both large and small brands are recognising its potential and utilising it.

Best AI Tools to Use in 2024

Leap confidently into the future and remain ahead of the curve with intelligent chatbots and data wizards.

Colossyan AI

Colossyan is an AI-powered video platform that aims to democratize video content. Its mission is to make studio-quality videos accessible to learning and development teams, content creators, and business owners. Colossyan allows you to create engaging, LX-optimized (learner experience) videos efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • AI-Powered Videos: Create videos enhanced by artificial intelligence.
  • Professionally Designed Templates: Use pre-designed templates for consistent quality.
  • Localization Tools: Customize content for different audiences and languages.
  • Conversation Feature: Facilitate interactive learning experiences.
  • Trusted by Leading Teams: BMW, BDO, BASF, Nexi, and others rely on Colossyan.


  • User-Friendly Interface: Even beginners can use it without prior video editing experience.
  • Customizable AI Avatars: Create personalized avatars for narration.
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration: Collaborate on video projects seamlessly.
  • High-Quality Video Output: Up to 4K video download quality.
  • Free Trial: Test features risk-free with a 14-day trial (no credit card required).


  • Specific cons are not explicitly mentioned in the available information, but it’s essential to evaluate how well it meets your specific needs.


  • Free Tier: Basic features available at no cost.
  • Starter Plan: Starts at $27.00 per month.
  • Pro Plan: Starts at $87.00 per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Colossyan for customized pricing.


      Pigment AI is a business planning platform that aims to simplify the process of creating strategic and operational business plans.

      Pigment is a versatile platform that brings together people, data, and processes. It allows teams to build trusted business plans, react to changes, and future-proof their organizations.


        • Flexibility: Pigment offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to craft budgets and plans with ease.
        • Real-Time Reporting: It serves as a single source of truth for data, enabling real-time reporting and modelling.
        • Smooth Implementation: During implementation, Pigment ensures a smooth process, resulting in optimal results.


        • New Solution: As a relatively new solution in the market, Pigment may require further partnerships with consulting firms.


        Pigment offers three pricing tiers:

        • Essentials: Contact Pigment for details.
        • Professional: Contact Pigment for details.
        • Enterprise: Contact Pigment for customized pricing.


        Cohesive AI is an alternative to ChatGPT. It empowers writers and collaborators to create various types of content, including blog posts, YouTube video scripts, Instagram captions, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn posts.

        Cohesive allows communication within the dashboard, making collaboration with editors, strategists, and fellow writers seamless.


        • AI Editor: Edit text, images, and language translations effortlessly.
        • In-Editor Creativity: Generates content ideas while you write, providing endless inspiration.
        • Collaboration: Communicate with your team directly within the platform, similar to ChatGPT and Slack combined.
        • Generous Free Plan: The free plan offers unlimited words, 15 template runs, 20 images, and one minute of AI voices.


        • Rigidity: Cohesive is more rigid than ChatGPT.
        • No Mobile App: It doesn’t offer a mobile app.
        • Plagiarism Checkers: Occasionally, plagiarism checkers may flag your work.


        • Free Plan: Generous features, including unlimited words and basic AI capabilities.
        • Creator Plan ($15/month): Up to 150 template runs, 100 images, 90 minutes of AI voice generation, integration with applications, and team collaboration.
        • Agency Plan ($30/month): More outputs—300 monthly outputs, 200 AI images, and 240 minutes of AI voice generation.

                Domo AI

                 Domo AI is a robust platform that helps businesses make data work for them. It provides a strong and secure data foundation, enabling data analytics and decision-making.


                • Ease of Use: Domo is user-friendly, making it accessible for teams across organizations.
                • Plug-and-Play Integration: Quick setup for popular platforms like Google Analytics and Salesforce.
                • Detailed Analytics: Users can view comprehensive analytics, gaining better insights into their business.


                • Domo’s pricing tends to be on the higher side of the market.
                • Some users find it less specialized for niche data science needs.



                DeepBrain AI Studio allows users to create generative videos using just a script. It aims to reduce both time and costs in the video production process.

                The platform offers over 100 fully licensed AI avatars, each capturing realistic expressions, accents, and habits.

                DeepBrain AI covers more than 80 languages, making it easy to connect with a global audience.


                • Speedy Video Creation: Convert text to video in as little as five minutes.
                • Lifelike AI Avatars: Select from a diverse range of avatars or create custom ones.
                • Multi-Language Text-to-Speech: Break language barriers with 100+ lifelike AI voices.
                • Flexible Pricing: Choose from Starter, Pro, or Enterprise plans based on your needs.


                • Reliance on Text: DeepBrain AI primarily relies on text input for video creation.
                • Limited Video Duration: Be aware of the video duration limitations based on your chosen plan.


                • Starter Plan: Ideal for individuals exploring AI Studios. Costs $24 per month (billed annually) with up to 10 minutes of video creation per month.
                • Pro Plan: Suited for teams and SMBs. Priced at $180 per month (billed annually) with up to 90 minutes of video creation per month.
                • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing for professional use, including features like custom AI avatars and priority support.
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