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TelCables promises reduced-cost cloud connectivity for Africa

Last week saw a fascinating development in the cloud services area with news that TelCables Nigeria, a telecommunications provider and a subsidiary of Angola Cables, had launched what it calls its ground-breaking Clouds2Africa node in Nigeria.

The Clouds2Africa solution, says TelCables, provides businesses of all sizes with access to a high-performance cloud environment at reduced costs. Users can access Clouds2Africa from any African region, ensuring seamless connectivity on a global scale. With over 300 nodes worldwide and seamless connectivity through the Angola Cables submarine network, this development is described as “a significant milestone in expanding cloud access and connectivity in Africa”.

“Start-ups can benefit from an automatic ‘virtual machines on the cloud’ purchase solution, allowing them to grow and scale with ease,” says Fernando Fernandes, TelCables Nigeria Country Manager. “Additionally, medium and large enterprises can leverage cloud backup and secure virtualisation solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring data protection and business continuity.”

Clouds2Africa is powered by Angola Cables’ submarine network, including WACS, SACS, Monet, Equiano and Djoliba Network for West Africa, offering robust and reliable connectivity across the African continent.

The portal hosts a comprehensive suite of services and solutions accessible to individual user SMMEs, regardless of their geographical location. Featuring high availability across multiple zones and soc2 compatibility, Clouds2Africa offers backup storage mirroring and snapshot functions, disaster recovery, and business continuity features.

Angola Cables is a multinational telecommunications company operating in the wholesale market. TelCables specializes in connectivity and IT solutions and services as well as the commercialisation of international data circuit capacity and IP transit via submarine cables.

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