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Tech Startup Titans,2023: Creativity and ingenuity in the Ghanaian tech startups

Tech startup aims to bring technology products or services to market. These companies deliver new technology products or services or deliver existing technology products or services in new ways. Startups are young companies founded to develop a unique product or service, bring it to market and make it irresistible and irreplaceable for customers. Rooted in innovation, a startup aims to remedy deficiencies of existing products or create entirely new categories of goods and services, disrupting entrenched ways of thinking and doing business for entire industries.

In recent years, Ghana’s tech sector has expanded quickly as a result of the emergence and success of numerous firms. With almost $0.2 billion raised, Ghana is among the top five African nations with the greatest investments in 2022. It is anticipated that several startups are ready to make a major impact in 2023, whether it be through fundraising, product launches, or expansion.

Tech Startups in Ghana on top of the list in 2023


 Health tech startup mPharma is building a network of community pharmacies across Africa as it plans to be the go-to primary healthcare service provider for millions of people residing in the region.

MPharma plans to grow its community (Mutti) pharmacies across eight markets in Africa to be the first point of care for patients. The startup’s Mutti pharmacies are essentially mini-hospitals offering a wide-range of services, including medical consultation, diagnostic and telehealth services. All these while increasing access and affordability to quality medication.

The new funding, mPharma co-founder and CEO Gregory Rockson has raised $65 million in capital to date. The company has made strategic moves to expand to other African countries including acquisitions in Uganda. We look forward to this year to see what moves the company makes. Will they announce a new acquisition in a new African country? Announce a new round of funding, or even possibly be acquired by a bigger company? We’ll be keeping an eye on them for sure.


Float is a Ghanaian cashflow and cash management platform for Small and Medium-scale Businesses (SMB) in Africa.

This startup raised $17 million in a seed round last year and later acquired Accounteer, a SaaS company in Nigeria for an undisclosed amount. This year, we’re looking forward to seeing what moves the company makes especially in terms of expansion. The company currently operates in Nigeria so we might see an announcement of operations in Ghana this year.


Zeepay raised $10 million as part of its Series A round last year as well as expanding into the Ethiopian marketplace. The company has already made some headlines in 2023 when they announced that they had acquired a license to operate in Zambia. In 2023, we expect the company to raise more in funding as well as expand to more locations in Africa.


eCampus recently launched version 4.0 of its edutech platform for users and has been expanding to other African countries including Senegal and South Africa. We’ll be looking at what the company has in store for 2023 as they continue their work on the continent.

Jetstream Africa

Jetstream Africa use technology, networks, and systems to enable African businesses to quickly finance, manage and monitor their regional supply chains.

Jetstream Africa was recently in the news this year when they announced their $13 million raise. The tech logistics company which operates in Ghana is in a unique space with logistics space in Africa. We expect to hear more news about the company’s expansions to more African countries this year as well as launching new products for their customers.


The Ghanaian tech ecosystem is poised for growth and innovation in 2023. With many startups making waves both locally and internationally, it’s an exciting time for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Keep an eye on these five startups as they continue to make strides towards success.

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