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Bing API Crashes, Interrupting DuckDuckGo, Microsoft Copilot, and ChatGPT Search

Microsoft’s search engine, Bing is currently experiencing severe malfunctions. The initial discomfort has turned into a widespread outage, creating a cloud over the internet.

Bing’s search tool was unreliable, frustrating users who tried to perform online searches. But amid the confusion, there was a ray of optimism as search results started to appear again, only hesitantly.

However, it looks that Bing’s application programming interface (API) is still affected by this outage, meaning that other services that depend on Bing aren’t operating as intended. The issue began around 3AM ET

The search engines DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, which were closely linked with Bing’s search results, were left stuck,  unable to recover the data that their users were searching for. Amidst the ensuing conflict, Microsoft Copilot, an innovative tool intended to aid developers in their pursuits, remained inaccessible and declined.

Even the plus subscribers, who were able to use ChatGPT to navigate the wide web, ran across obstacles in their search for information, only to be met with aggravating error messages.

Microsoft has stated that it is “working to isolate the cause of the issue” in response to the loading problems with its Copilot service. As of right now, no additional service interruptions are detected by Microsoft’s service health platform. The search features on both OpenAI’s and Ecosia’s platforms are now having problems, and OpenAI claims it is looking into the matter.

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