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Apple Revolutionizes iPhone Repairs with Pre-Owned Parts Option

Apple announced on Thursday that it’s breaking the barriers to iPhone repairs by embracing used parts. This fall, users of “select” iPhone models will have the option to repair their devices with genuine, pre-owned parts while maintaining full functionality.

One of the biggest headaches in iPhone repairs has been the compatibility issues with aftermarket or used parts. Apple’s strict parts pairing process often led to pesky notifications or even non-functioning components like Face ID and Touch ID sensors. But with this change, those annoyances may become a thing of the past. Apple states that calibration for genuine parts, whether new or used, will now happen on the device itself after installation.

Gone are the days of having to match serial numbers between devices and parts. Apple’s update means users and repair shops will no longer need to provide device serial numbers when ordering most parts from the Self Service Repair Store.

Initially, the change will apply to essential components like displays, batteries, and cameras. But Apple promises that future iPhone releases will extend support to used biometric sensors such as Face ID and Touch ID.

Apple isn’t just opening the doors to used parts; it’s also tightening security. The company will extend its Activation Lock feature to iPhone parts, preventing the use of parts obtained from devices with Activation Lock or Lost Mode enabled.

With each repair using a used part, the device will record the information in the Parts and Service History section of the iOS Settings app. This fall’s update will start with the iPhone 15 and later models, offering more choice and convenience for users.

John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “With this latest expansion to our repair program, we’re excited to be adding even more choice and convenience for our customers, while helping to extend the life of our products and their parts.”

For repair shops and DIY enthusiasts, this shift towards used parts is monumental. It ends the struggle of paying a premium for new iPhone components and opens up new avenues for cost-effective repairs.

Apple’s decision to embrace used parts marks a significant shift in the landscape of iPhone repairs. It not only empowers users with more options but also underscores Apple’s commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. With easier access to genuine parts, repairing your iPhone just became a whole lot simpler.

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